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Example of a Continuous delivery pipeline

Continuous delivery has become a juicy problem again with the steer towards Virtual Machines as an Artefact and Operating System containers as an artefact. To put it short, your Vagrant managed VirtualBox/ style applications. I would highly recommend to read about Vagrant with Virtual Box and Vagrant with before we continue. Firstly I am assuming you have a series of Environments, for example Development, Staging and Production. I believe in the concept of Genderless applications where environment specific configuration is provisioned at deployment, you will see why this will become important! 1.        Build a.        Compile code b.        Run unit tests c.         Run component tests / Small integration tests d.        Build WAR archive (Or similar) 2.        Package a.        Destroy Virtual Machine b.        Copy WAR from Build stage to working directory c.         Initialize new Virtual Machine d.        Start the Virtual Ma