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Tackling my fear of heights

I am afraid of heights. I am 6 foot 7 inches tall, and afraid of heights. I recently realized the extent of this fear, when I gave myself the task of cleaning the rain gutters. My girlfriend and I moved into our first home together, nearly 2 years ago, and it is the first time we have ever had to clean the gutters. Up until then, we lived separately, in middling floor apartments. Anyway, here I am, with my ladder propped against the side of the house, determined to clear the debris. I made it to 4 feet from the ground before fear took hold. It felt like an eternity, frozen part-way up a ladder, nowhere near where I need to be. I descend, shaking all the way down. It took me three attempts to climb up the ladder, to then give up. I was defeated. A few months have gone by, avoiding any thoughts of trying the ladder again. That was until I came across a podcast episode, Bravery by The Habit Coach. This inspired me to try again, and the perfect job was lined up, to wash the windows.